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Johann Hinrich Knickrehm




Johann Hinrich Knickrehm, Hinrichs Knickrehm, he is my great-great-grandfather and he was born on 5 June 1828 in the city Wöbs, in Luebeck, Germany.

He has baptized 13 June in the Church of Bosau. Withnes is Hinrichs Pries, Hans Christian Burmeister and Catarina Magdalene Voss all from Wöbs.

He is the first-born and the son of shoemaker Hans Timm Knickrehm (1802) and Engel Margaretha Wöbs (11-05-1806). They were married 24 April in Bosau.

He was trained blacksmith and migrated to Denmark and it must be for the period 1840-1855. Would like some data to determine the time more accurately.

He lived in the area Sindal Mosbjerg and Råbjerg and has certainly worked as a blacksmith in Gårdbogård.

Johann enrolled in various kirkebøger and censuses under different spellings. This is due to several reasons. Probably he spoke no danish beautifully, he has perhaps danished his name, as well as those who checked, not everybody was just good to write and understand what he said.

He lived with Elline Marie Christendaughter, and they were so far known four children in addition to those she brought so far confirmed four children. In some censuses, she referred to as pass or as the Census of 1890 in Sindal Parish, where she lives with Johann, but calls itself Marie Christensen.

Johann døede 27 April 1899 in Hvims by Råbjerg and is buried at Råbjerg graveyard.

Moreover, our stud father had a daughter, who was called Jensine Johansen and was born on 11 (unreadable in a month) (Maybe in November) in 1855. She died within a year.

I, Johan Andreas Johansen Knickrehm, seeking information, especially about my Danish relatives, but all have an interest, if it belongs to the Knickrehm family.

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